Ed Polgardy


Ed Polgardy has been an Emmy Award winning television writer-producer-director, an acclaimed comic book writer and editor, and a successful feature film writer-producer-director during a varied and accomplished career.

Mr. Polgardy co-created and wrote the internationally acclaimed hit comic book series "From The Darkness" and the graphic novel adaptation of Quentin Tarantino's "From Dusk 'Til Dawn". He was Senior Editor at Jim Shooter's Defiant Comics, where he developed and edited several hit titles, including "Dark Dominion" (penciled by Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko). Polgardy also held the Editor-in-Chief position at comics publisher BIG Entertainment, where he developed stories with celebrity concept creators including John Jakes, Mickey Spillaine, Tom Clancy, and Neil Gaiman. The resulting intellectual properties were licensed to Miramax, Alliance Entertainment, and ABC.

Polgardy's feature film work has involved writing scripts optioned by Smart Egg Pictures and Films Around The World, as well as producing the motion pictures "Dark Dreams", starring James ("Detroit Rock City") DeBello; "The Halfway House", starring Mary ("Rock 'n' Roll High School") Woronov; "Boiler Maker", starring John ("The Deer Hunter") Savage; and "Laid to Rest", starring Lena ("300") Headey.

For other examples of Ed Polgardy’s work, visit: www.edpolgardy.com.