Samuel Warren Joseph

Writer, Director

SAM grew up in Morristown, New Jersey. After transferring from Oberlin College, he graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in Film. He also has two Masters Degrees, one in Creative Writing and one in English.

Sam wrote the film, OFF YOUR ROCKER, a story about a revolution in an old folks home starring Milton Berle, Red Buttons and Dorothy Malone.  He has written numerous animation episodes for such shows as Duck Tales, Batman and Beast Wars.  In addition to his film and TV credits, Sam is a produced playwright. He wrote the book and co-wrote the songs for the stage musical, "Campaign", which had its world premiere in 2010 at the Met Theatre in Los Angeles.

Also in 2010, Sam's comedy about marital infidelity, "Two Times Two", had its world premiere in New Orleans.

The film "Window Of Opportunity", which he wrote and directed, is based on his produced stage play of the same name.

Sam has co-authored with Phil Proctor, "Tyler and Tess in the Magic Maze", a fantasy adventure book for kids.

He has taught special education in the inner city and currently is a college adjunct professor of English.