“Window Of Opportunity … A stab to the heart of corporate hubris … Deep in the human genome lies accountability. Evil Doers, you’re on notice. Darwin was right.”
- Lee Eckley 94.9 The Rock, Toronto

In 2006, Window Of Opportunity was produced as a stage play in Los Angeles to enthusiastic audiences. Here are some of the reviews:

“Samuel Warren Joseph’s dark comedy hilariously skewers a take-no-prisoners corporate culture that would do a cost-benefit analysis on human suffering and for which death may be more profitable than life.”
- A RECOMMENDED “GO” Martin Hernandez, LA WEEKLY
“In this darkly comical world premiere, writer Samuel Warren Joseph shines a light on the downside of winning at corporate greed and its inescapable byproduct, corruption… Joseph’s script is intended to address–and does so, quite nicely–the pervasive amorality that seems to keep business and government humming. His story is the funny telling of today’s unfortunate truth. Enron, anyone?”
“Window of Opportunity” at Hollywood’s Met Theatre has a counter-culture pedigree that’s vintage.
- Los Angeles Times
"There may not be a more up-to-the-minute play in town than 'Window of Opportunity', a comedy-with-plot-twists that dissects the putrid moral innards of a corporate Croesus trying to manipulate his way out of an Enron-like scandal, while indulging in the call girls-a-la-carte lifestyle of a Yale-degreed, White House-connected, Teflon-coated scoundrel."
- Mike Boehm, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
"Greed and corruption never go out of style, but contemporary high-profile scandals involving corporate bigwigs and lobbyists lend particular timeliness to “Window of Opportunity,” Samuel Warren Joseph’s savage …. new satire at the Met Theatre….
- Philip Brandes, LOS ANGELES TIMES


A great intriguing thriller! - The film's gripping message about corporate greed and ethics combined with a cast of vivid characters, sharp dialogue and non-stop suspense will leave you thinking about it weeks after viewing it. I highly recommend it!"
- Edward
Very good film - Great entertainment with a core of true moral fibre. Witty, thought provoking and purposeful, check it out."
- Phil
Must watch! - An absolute thrill ride! Window Of Opportunity draws you in with characters of the corporate world of greed, a couple of show girls and one crazy night to remember. Loved this movie."
- Travis
Superb - Superb Movie!"
- Vijay