WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY is a suspenseful dark comedy/thriller about greed and the corporate world.

CEO Roger Sizemore and his toady CFO, Carl Everett, invite a young hotshot executive, Peter Miller, up to a remote cabin for a weekend of drinking and debauchery, but it becomes clear that Roger and Carl are setting Peter up to take the fall for their own financial shenanigans.

When a couple of call girls come up to add spice to the weekend, things get dangerously out of hand. Roger may have killed one of the girls and now enlists Carl and Peter to help cover up the matter. When the girls’ pimp, Byron, arrives, the price of life gets quite clear…and outrageous.


About The Script

Stories come to you in funny ways, usually not all at once, but in bits and pieces like a disjointed dream that suddenly makes sense. That was true for Window Of Opportunity.

Enron, WorldCom, etc., the story in the paper about the executive and the porn actress, a conversation with a friend in the business world describing the pure amorality and lack of consciences of many CEO’s he had met.

Then there is my own anger at how unbridled corporate greed is polluting the world both literally and in terms of values. The question I asked was: Who are these guys in these positions? What makes them tick? It’s the subject I’ve tried to tackle in a way that I hope is compelling, humorous and entertaining.